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MC during a recording session in summer 1992

This page is dedicated to our "boys" group Midlife Chrysler made up of three ol' friends from Berlin:

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Midlife Chrysler was founded back in early 1989 during one of our home recording sessions. To be more precise, the name "Midlife Chrysler" was invented this day, the group itself existed for another 18 years. The name indeed had some relevance. We even had a few presentations on local radio these days.

Most of the songs are first-shot improvisations. We were only doing this for fun, so please: NO million dollar contracts! But of course, read the copyright note at the bottom of this page.

The Music

The majority of the songs (lyrics and music) are our own compositions and improvisations.
If you like our music then please listen to a selection of songs and give your vote visiting: Folk Alley Open Mic - Midlife Chrysler.
Thanks! Have fun!

Session - June 10, 2012

Hello to Greg who lent his voice to our cover versions of:

Session - November 5, 2011

. After the Dylan/Knopfler concert we had to do this!-)

Session - September 24, 2011

Session - August 6, 2011


Session - June 26, 2011

Find here one or two of the takes created during the last session.

May 15, 2010 - A Song for Ted

Recorded live from Ted's birthday party at the Lighthouse.

Some More Songs

  1. Another Lover [Jan 3, 2009]
  2. Ausgemaust
  3. Black Sheep Boy
  4. Celtic Names
  5. Coffee 2 Go
  6. Damals in München
  7. Daytona Tune [July 20, 2008]
  8. Favour
  9. Fever
  10. Funky Chinatown
  11. Gilda oder der Ultimative Ochsenfrosch
  12. Gotta Move
  13. Gun Powder Love
  14. Ich bin der PolPraes
  15. Ich hab noch einen Haufen in Berlin
  16. Improvisation on Blue Moon
  17. Inside of You
  18. Ist schon wieder Juli
  19. Jocelyn
  20. Jolene (Reggae)
  21. Komm lass uns ... A mad song for 3 voices, 3 guitars, and 4 iPods
  22. Love Prostitution
  23. Der Mann aus Chile
  24. Mescalito
  25. Mit horrenden ...
  26. My Back Pages - A Song For Ted - Live at the Lighthouse (May 15, 2010)
  27. No Money Down
  28. Our Hearts are Stones
  29. Pastures of Plenty
  30. Pelzig
  31. Red Balloon
  32. Silver Angel
  33. Stompin' at Lake Glienicke
  34. Sultans of Swing
  35. Summer Wine
  36. Talkin' 'bout You
  37. Traunstein
  38. Whiskey, my ol' Friend
  39. Zeit vergeht

The B-side: More stuff by Midilfe Chrysler ...

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